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#TECHOGNITION is an annual celebration of the work of UK school and FE college technicians that this year will take place on the Friday 8h March 2024.

The event is run by and sponsored by UNISON, Technical Champions, SLS Select Education, Philip Harris and VITTA Education.

Back in 2016, commissioned a UK survey looking at the school science technician profession which produced some shocking findings.

One finding that stood out was that was that the majority of participants said that school leaders, the general public and especially the government were not fully aware of what school technicians actually do on a daily basis in their work and there was an assumption that technicians were often seen as just 'helpers' in many schools.

Our first #TECHOGNITION event was launched in 2018 with the aim of showcasing and celebrating the role of school science technicians and in recent years we have extended it to cover ALL technical staff who work in schools and FE colleges in the UK.

We encourage ICT, Design & Technology, Music, Art, Drama, P.E. and other school and FE college technicians to take part by uploading photos of themselves performing any of the vast and varied jobs they do on any given day with the aim of publicly showcasing their essential roles in education.

School and FE college technicians are highly skilled, experienced and essential members of school staff whose value in any successful school department should not be underestimated. has been working closely with UNISON and others to help raise the public profile of school science technicians whilst celebrating these essential roles and in 2023 we launched a new project which follows on from the successes of #TECHOGNITION - a new school standards mark for supporting technical staff - Technical Champions.

If you would like any further information about the event or have any questions or comments about #TECHOGNITION, please contact the director of, Chris Galvin:

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2024 Event Organisers and Sponsors

Vitta Education