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#TECHOGNITION is an annual celebration of the work of UK school and FE college technicians that this year took place on the Friday 8h March 2024.

The event was run by and sponsored by UNISON, Technical Champions, SLS Select Education, Philip Harris and VITTA Education.

Our first #TECHOGNITION event was launched in 2018 with the aim of showcasing and celebrating the role of school science technicians and in recent years we have extended it to cover ALL technical staff who work in schools and FE colleges in the UK.

We encourage Science, ICT, Design & Technology, Music, Art, Drama, P.E. and other school and college technicians to take part by uploading photos of themselves performing any of the vast and varied jobs they do as part of their job with the aim of publicly showcasing these essential roles in education.

School and FE college technicians are highly skilled, knowledgeable and essential members of school staff whose value to any successful school should not be underestimated.

Back in 2016, commissioned a UK survey looking at the school science technician profession which produced some shocking findings. Preproom's 2024 survey which was open to all types of technician produced even more dire responses, suggesting technicians are facing long-term systemic issues that are far from being resolved.

After careful analysis, we uncovered four key findings:

  • Hardly anyone understands fully what technicians actually do.
  • Technicians are paid nowhere near enough for the work they do.
  • Technicians often work for free and undertake work they are not employed to.
  • Technicians are under too much pressure and workloads have increased.

We continue to work alongside UNISON to ensure the findings of this latest survey are shared from school to government level and encourage school leaders to apply for the Technical Champions Quality Mark which can help address some of these key findings.

If you would like any further information about the event or have any questions or comments about #TECHOGNITION, please contact the director of, Chris Galvin:

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2024 Event Organisers and Sponsors

Vitta Education