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Aims & Objectives

Genuine recognition of the technical profession in schools and FE colleges is long overdue. As the 2016 survey proved - most science technicians feel that school leaders do not fully understand what the job entails and that their essential knowledge and experience is often overlooked and we know that technical staff in other departments feel the same.

We consider 'recognition' to mean having access to CPD and regular network meetings, having a contract and job specification that actually reflects the work routinely undertaken and having enough paid hours to do the job properly.

School leaders, heads of departments and teachers need to fully understand that without proper recognition of technical roles...

  • The most experienced and knowledgeable technicians leave the profession.
  • Recruitment of good technicians becomes more difficult.
  • Practical lessons suffer in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Safety in schools can be compromised without sufficient training of technicians.

Alongside UNISON, Technical Champions, and other organisations we continue to work towards helping school and FE college technicians get the recognition they deserve.

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Technician using a bandsaw

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