From 4th-8th March, schools across the UK took part in #TECHOGNITION week to celebrate the work that school science technicians do on a daily basis.

Technicians were encouraged to upload photos of themselves and colleagues undertaking any of the weird or wonderful, mundane or exciting, routine or unique tasks they are required to do in their role on this site and on social media using the #TECHOGNITION hashtag.

Technicians are highly skilled, very experienced and essential members of school staff whose value is often not fully appreciated. Together we can raise the profile of this essential role in UK schools!


#TECHOGNITION is a national celebration of School Science Technicians, recognising the importance of this essential role in science education.

In 2016, Preproom.org conducted a UK-wide survey covering many aspects of the school science technician role. One significant outcome of the survey was that the vast majority of the respondents felt school leaders and the government do not understand the role of school science technicians.

We feel that without recognition and a full understanding of the role by school leaders, the issues surrounding the poor pay and conditions that many technicians work under cannot be suitably addressed.

With this in mind, Preproom.org in conjunction with UNISON and Gratnells brought you #TECHOGNITION - a week-long event celebrating the work of school science technicians with the aim of publicly showcasing their vast knowledge and the variety of tasks that the job entails. The event was also run in March 2018 in partnership with UNISON.

Latest Photos

Tech Team timeout

Tech Team timeout - from Crieff High Techies (08/03/2019 23:12)

Experimenting with glass prisms and sunlight to create a fun science art image!

Experimenting with glass prisms and sunlight to create a fun science art image! - from Claire and Rich (08/03/2019 21:00)

Ordering fish heads from the local fishmonger

Ordering fish heads from the local fishmonger - from Chris (08/03/2019 18:43)

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2019 Event Sponsors & Associates

#TECHOGNITION is brought to you by Preproom.org, UNISON and Gratnells with support from: