Join us for #TECHOGNITION on 11th June 2021. All school & FE college technicians are welcome to take part. Prizes to be won!


#TECHOGNITION is a national celebration of technical support staff, recognising the importance of their essential roles in school and FE college education.

Over the last decade there have been several national surveys which have had one significant outcome - that school leaders, the government and the wider public do not fully understand the role of technical staff in schools and do not recognise their important contribution to education.

We feel that without recognition and a full understanding of the role by school leaders, the issues surrounding the poor pay and conditions that many technicians work under cannot be suitably addressed.

With this in mind, in conjunction with UNISON and Gratnells bring you the fourth annual #TECHOGNITION event on Friday 11th June 2021. Click here to find out how to take part.

This one-day event celebrates the work of school and FE college technicians with the aim of publicly showcasing their vast range of skills and the variety of tasks that these jobs entail.

During the event we encourage technical staff in UK schools and colleges to upload photos of themselves or their colleagues performing any one of the vast and varied jobs they do to this website (the upload form will appear on the day of the event) and to social media alongside the hashtag #TECHOGNITION

We will be giving away some great prizes throughout the event for some of those taking part.

Click here to view the 2020 event gallery

Technicians are highly skilled, very experienced and essential members of school and FE college staff whose value is often not fully appreciated. Together we can raise the profile of this essential role.

Technician and model skeleton

Technician washing beakers

5 technicians in the prep room

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#TECHOGNITION is brought to you by and UNISON and Gratnells.