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"Blessed with over 50 years working with excellent technicians in schools and CLEAPSS, some stories (and helplines) on how technicians are treated by other school staff, managers and even science staff on the school technician face book pages make me very angry.

After answering countless Helplines at CLEAPSS, I believe science technicians have saved the reputation of the school, the careers of teachers and possibly even maiming and lives of teachers and students."

Bob Worley (Uncle Bob) - Former CLEAPSS advisor.

"No school science department can possibly thrive without effective and dedicated technicians. A mass of work has to be done behind the scenes, and teachers are much too busy, and often not competent, to do it. I might never have become a scientist without the backing of good science technicians."

Adam Hart-Davis - Scientist, Broadcaster, Author and Photographer

"UNISON Northern region Science Technicians play a vital role in education: supporting pupils with practical aspects of science education, keeping schools safe, maintaining equipment, setting up demonstrations and in many cases assisting with lesson delivery.

The role is key in ensuring that young people pursue STEM careers, but is often overlooked when the general public consider the school workforce. UNISON believe that it is vital that technicians are listened to and promoted as core school workers and have opportunities for career progression and professional development.

I'm proud of the learning and development work UNISON does for our members, which is an area we will continue to develop in the future."

Danielle Jeffries - UNISON Northern Region

"UNISON will continue to promote the importance of technicians in our conversations with government and will work hard on raising the profile of this valuable group of workers who work tirelessly under very difficult conditions."

Statement from UNISON's School Support Staff Committee

"UNISON knows what a brilliant job technicians do, but in recent years technicians have faced minimal pay increases, limited promotion, and restricted training and development opportunities.

Technicians are overworked and have had poor recognition for the essential contribution they continue to make in schools. Worse, some cash strapped schools are making technicians redundant - a short sighted saving that will undermine pupil outcomes. That's why UNISON is fully supportive of #TECHOGNITON and will be working with Preproom.org and other technician organisations to show the public how vital technicians are."

Jon Richards - Head of Education at UNISON

"Many technicians are concerned about their health safety and wellbeing at work, but struggle on because they are professionals and who care about the learning outcome of their students."

Quote From a UNISON Official

"School science technicians play a vital part and they are highly valued by students and colleagues, but hardly recognised outside of the science department."

Quote From a Former Teacher

"Practical science is one of the best ways of getting school pupils excited about and involved in science and mathematics. I find it shocking that there is such a shortage of science technicians in schools as the technical support for such lessons is a critical part of a good science education."

Professor Lord Winston - Scientist, Presenter and Politician

"I know the difference that school science technicians make on many levels and how often they go way beyond the call of duty to nurture a love of science in young people. I've witnessed first-hand the way they have successfully supported teenagers who have developed some brilliant projects for our TeenTech awards over the past four years.

We know the difference extracurricular project work can make to students who may never have thought that progressing in science or tech could be for them but I'm very aware of the time and effort that goes into them. We know we need more young people working in these areas and science technicians are well placed to provide support for engagement which may not always be available within the curriculum.

We need to give science technicians more recognition for this work which can really help to surface talent that contemporary industry badly needs."

Maggie Philbin - CEO at TeenTech CIC and Broadcaster

"All hail the school science technician: crucial linchpin of the science department who often holds the whole damn show together with little credit, little money and nowhere enough recognition - despite keeping everything up and running, and, let's be frank here, making sure the school doesn't blow up."

Stefan Gates - TV Food/Science Presenter and Author

"Science technicians are the unsung heroes of the labs and classrooms all around the country. In 2014, I was privileged to present the winner and runner-up of the Gratnells Science Technician of the Year Award. Having met and worked with a number of technicians over the years, I know just how hard they work behind the scenes.

As Newton once said: 'If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants' - most scientific breakthroughs don't happen through eureka moments, they are a culmination of the hard work of many different scientists - including technicians."

Jheni Osman - Science Presenter, Journalist and Author

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