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Throughout #TECHOGNITION week, we asked technicians "If you could send a message to the (UK) government regarding your role as a school science technician, what would you say?". The replies can be found below.

"I would like to know how it is acceptable for a technician to do the work of 2 sometimes 3 when schools do not replace leaving technicians? They would not dream of not replacing teachers or expecting them to teach 2 classes together."

"Another pay rise for MPs! What is the point of having qualifications and many years of experience when the lowest of the low pay grade is getting ever closer. 2018-2019 NJC proposals are tripe."

"We as Technicians are very under valued. We play a very important role in students education. With out us there wouldn't be any science practicals. So it's about time we were recognised for what we do. No more 1% pay rises we are worth more than that"

"Proper recognition for school techs is long overdue. We are expected to do more and more while pay has actually gone down in real terms. The best technicians are leaving or being made redundant at an alarming rate!"

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